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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Among the cases that a Dallas car wreck attorney will likely have handled are ones involving big rigs. Texas is a huge hub of industry and, because so many major roads run through the state, there’s always plenty of semi traffic on the roads. By and large, these drivers are solid professionals who do everything they can to keep themselves and the drivers around them safe. On the other hand, there are definitely companies out there who are risks simply because of the way that they treat their drivers and their equipment.

danger-tapeWhen you meet with a Texas truck accident attorney, you may well be surprised at some of the facts about big rigs. Some companies overwork their drivers and a frightening amount of those drivers report that they’ve fallen asleep behind the wheel before. Truck drivers are subject to industry regulations that ensure that they’re properly rested when they’re driving and that they don’t push themselves too far just to make a buck. Some employers don’t honor this, push their drivers way too hard and, inevitably, someone gets hurt as a result of that irresponsibility.

Some trucking companies also fail to maintain their equipment. Any independent trucker will tell you how expensive it is to maintain a rig properly. Air brakes, hydraulics and the other special equipment on the vehicles need to operate within safe tolerances and, when they don’t, the entire rig becomes a rolling deathtrap. In some cases, companies skip maintenance to save money. In others, they skip maintenance simply out of sloppy business practices. A good truck wreck lawyer will know to look for signs that the company didn’t live up to expectations.

There are cases where one of these companies will come to you after a wreck and offer you a payoff. This could be thought of as an out-of-court settlement with one important difference: a lawyer wasn’t there to help you get a fair amount. Talk to a lawyer before you accept any offer from one of these companies. If they’re just showing up out of the blue and offering to pay your expenses, there’s a good chance that it has more to do with covering their interests than being considerate. You may well be able to get a lot more out of a lawsuit, and if they didn’t live up to safety standards, they’re responsible for 100% of the damage they cause.

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