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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Generally speaking, most commercial drivers are very good at what they do and take their jobs and responsibilities seriously. There are those, however that do neither. Some commercial drivers operate under the influence and, in some cases, that winds up causing deadly disasters. Most of the car accident articles that you’ve probably read have to do with drunk drivers who are regular, licensed drivers. There are cases, however, when you’ll need a truck wreck lawyer to take on a commercial firm.

Why Would a Commercial Driver Be Drunk?

Remember that driving under the influence means the influence of any drug, not just alcohol. Commercial drivers, in the case of the worst ones, will sometimes take amphetamines and other drugs to stay awake on the road. There are laws in place that govern how long drivers can be on the road but some companies do not follow them and they push their drivers too hard.

Other drivers may just have a drinking problem and end up driving drunk on some occasions. There are very serious risks in these cases; much more serious ones than cases where people are driving a car while intoxicated. Someone who is intoxicated behind the wheel of a semi or a large commercial vehicle is a much more lethal threat to everyone on the road than your average drunk driver.

Getting Compensation

A car accident attorney will be able to help you determine who you need to sue. In some cases, you may need to sue the trucking company. In others, you may need to sue the driver directly. If the driver was intoxicated, negligent and caused a wreck that caused you physical or financial harm, talking to an attorney is the first thing you should do.

A Note on Settlements

Trucking companies are famous for offering people they injure a check. This is just to get you to not go to court. They’re trying to avoid court fees and, probably, they think your case is too strong to risk having a jury hear it. Don’t take a check without talking to a lawyer. If a lawyer thinks it’s the best you’re going to get from them, they’ll tell you. If they think you could actually do better in court, however, they’ll also tell you that. They don’t get paid unless you win, so they have no motivation to have you go to court if they think you’ll lose.

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