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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

A woman in Texas who delivered quadruplets has filed a lawsuit over medical negligence. According to reporting, the doctors knew that she was pregnant with quadruplets and she was asked to check into a hospital five months in advance of her due date because of the severe risk associated with these pregnancies.

The woman started to experience pain approximately 29 weeks before her due date. According to reporting, she informed the doctors and the nurses that she felt that something was wrong and medical staff did record that she was in pain and that she wanted the Doctor to deliver the children.

The woman’s condition continued to get worse over the following days and, eventually, a physician rushed the woman to surgery. She had a tear in her liver and her children were delivered. Two of the children were born dead, one of the other children was revived following being born without a heartbeat, but died shortly thereafter. The fourth child was born with cerebral palsy and is legally blind.

The woman’s lawsuit alleges that the physicians and the hospital staff failed to respond to the symptoms she was exhibiting. This led to the lawsuit and to the woman seeking compensation.

Dangerous Pregnancies

Some pregnancies are known to be dangerous. Pregnancies that involve multiple births are oftentimes ones where cerebral palsy results due to the difficulty of labor. Conditions that occur before the child is born may also contribute to these injuries. Children may be born with cerebral palsy because they suffer injuries in the womb, during the process of being born or shortly thereafter. When medical negligence appears to be the proximate cause of the injuries or deaths that the infant suffered, hiring a birth injury lawsuit lawyer may be advisable for the family.

A birth injury lawsuit lawyer will be able to look at the circumstances of the birth, the care the mother was given beforehand and will try to make a determination as to whether or not negligence was a part of that care. If it was, the attorney very well may recommend that the family goes ahead and files a lawsuit against the physician, the hospital, a medical supplier, a midwife or anyone else who has been found to have been negligent in their duties. These lawsuits sometimes end up paying out enough money to help the family pay for the best possible medical care for their child.

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