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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

What is Primacare? Primacare can refer both to a group of Primacare Medical Centers located across the country or to one of the company’s products, such as Primacare 1 for expectant mothers.


What could possibly go wrong with Primacare errors that would cause a medical malpractice injury? E-MEDTVillustrates one example in Primacare prenatal products. These drugs are specifically designed for pregnant women. Some of these products contain ingredients like docosahexaenoic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and linoleic acid. Ordinarily, these vitamins and minerals actually reduce the risk ofpreterm birth and of birth deformities.

The doctor does not have any control over natural side effects that might occur with Primacare errors and products. However, she does have an obligation to the patient to protect the patient from any severe “interactions.” These are allergic or violent reactions that take place when the prenatal vitamins start to react to a drug, supplement or preexisting condition in the patient’s body.  WebMDprovides a list of drugs that can interact with Primacare. These drugs consist of everything from OTC medications like antacids to iron salts to Vitamin K to pyridoxine/levodopa.

One of most important cases involving Primacare errors and medical malpractice in recent times is the compromised integrity of some Primacare products.  Ther-Rx Corporation recently announced through press release the voluntary recall of prescription prenatal and iron supplements to wholesalers.

Specifically, Primacare capsule/tablets, Primacare Advantage capsule/tablet and  Primacare One capsules were identified by name as drugs being recalled “as a precautionary measure…because the products may have been manufactured under conditions that did not sufficiently comply with current [practice].”

Naturally, patients who have been taking these possibly unsafe drugs and vitamins may not be able to discontinue them suddenly, because of the risk of further side effects. The bottom line is that most of these cases involving Primacare errors could have been prevented if someone in authority had exercised better discretion.

There may also be instances of malpractice in urgent care mistakes, which is the delivery of ambulatory care in a medical facility outside of a hospital emergency department. These are what Primacare Medical Centers are classified as-urgent care centers which treat patients that do not require emergency treatment but still require immediate care. Urgent care clinics specialize in treating diseases, illnesses, or injuries that appear on an episodic basis. Despite the fact, that these facilities aren’t considered an emergency facility, urgent care mistakes can occur and this can bring about a medical malpractice claim.

The Urgent Care Association of America reports that there are over 17,000 urgent care clinics in the U.S. Growth for these facilities is continual possibly because of the lower cost of a UCC compared to a stay in the emergency room. However, doctors and medical staff members working at these facilities are under just as much obligation to provide professional and safe medical treatment to their patients. According to a report bySelbst SM, Friedman MJ and Singh SB for pediatric care, of all major malpractice insurance firms only 4 percent of the 2283 claims originated in an urgent care center.

If you have suffered because of medical malpractice and because of Primacare or other urgent care facility errors now is the time to take action. Contact the Rasansky Law Firm and tell an experienced Dallas medical malpractice lawyer about your case.

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