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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

You’ve probably seen the warning signs on semis that let you know that, if you cannot see the driver’s mirrors, they cannot see you. Of course, semis have roughly the same amount of mirrors as your average hair salon, so this usually isn’t much of an issue. With other passenger cars, however, particularly tall and large ones, blind spots are serious hazards. You should stay out of them , especially on busy roads, where your odds of being in aDallas car accident are already higher.

Unfortunately, there is no graduation in licensing requirements for large passenger vehicles. Truly awful drivers are completely free to buy the largest SUV out there, even if they’d have a hard time handling a compact car correctly. Add to this the fact that a big SUV makes you feel nigh invincible and you have a real situation on your hands. Make sure you stay away from the blind spots on SUVs. If you’re in a small car or a motorcycle, this is doubly important. Either drop back or get ahead of them, but don’t linger alongside the vehicle.

Drivers almost never do what’s called a “head check”. This involves all the effort required to turn your head and check your blind spots, but most drivers are actually too lazy, it seems, to bother with this. Unfortunately, the reason it’s called a blind spot is because you cannot see it with your mirrors. Nonetheless, people will oftentimes rely on their mirrors to check a region around their vehicle that they already know the mirrors don’t cover. Does it make sense? No. It is, however, reality and you have to deal with how other drivers are likely to use their mirrors incorrectly in this way.

If someone moves into your lane and sideswipes you, you need to talk to a car wreck attorney. Staying in a blind spot is a genuinely bad idea but, sometimes, it’s not really something you can avoid. Drivers alongside you do have an obligation to check before they switch lanes or make turns. If they don’t and they injure you, an attorney may be able to help you put together a case that may win you compensation. There’s no way to be sure, of course, but lawsuits are one way that individuals can be compensated for instances where others don’t uphold their obligations to other drivers on the roads.

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