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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

If you’re out on the highways, you have to be extra vigilant for threats. Some of the biggest threats come from other drivers, of course, but you can recognize some of them before they actually manifest into disasters. Some of these threats, in fact, are very easy to see coming, provided that you’re paying attention.

The “party” car.

Car Accident Threats

Accident Threats on the Highway

Summer means that people are heading to the beaches, the parks, the campgrounds and everywhere else to have a good time. Some of those people will be excited enough about getting there that they’ll be real threats on the road. They may have way too many people in the car with them. They may be drinking, or they may be distracted. Watch out for cars that are swerving erratically or cars with too many people in them.

The lost tourist.

If you’re driving around Dallas or Fort Worth, there will be a lot more people from out of town visiting in the summer. While they may be enjoying the beauty of the city, they are also quite frequently lost. They don’t mean to, but they do present a hazard.

Watch out for people looking out the side windows instead of their windshield. If they’re looking for an address or looking at buildings, they’re not paying attention to the road. Watch out for people who have their blinkers on and who are obviously looking for a turnoff, as well. Sometimes they’ll jerk onto another road unexpectedly and can cause wrecks when they do it.

Whether or not it’s intentional, negligence causes many injuries and deaths every year. Negligence is what a Dallas car wreck attorney goes after people for. If you were injured because someone was not taking their driving as seriously as they should have or because they weren’t paying attention to where they were going, contact a Dallas or Forth Worth car accident attorney. They can help you put together a lawsuit against these drivers, which may end up getting you compensated by a jury or through a settlement with the other driver, if you have a particularly strong case against them. The initial consultation usually comes at no charge to the client, and these attorneys sometimes work on contingency.

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