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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

When you get your diver’s license, you’re being given a privilege. With that privilege comes some significant responsibility.

The other drivers on the roads have a reasonable right to expect that you will exercise a certain amount of caution when you’re driving. When you do not exercise this caution and injure somebody as a result of it, you could potentially be found negligent for any resulting damages.


Negligence law is the foundation of filing civil lawsuits. When somebody injures you in traffic, your lawyer will try to establish to a jury that that other driver was negligent in one way or another. If the jury finds that they were negligent, you may end up receiving a jury award. If the other driver knows that they were negligent and if the other driver’s attorney believes that they are going to lose the case, they may offer a settlement. Negligence hurts and kills a shocking number of people every year. This is why it’s taken so seriously by the courts.

The pain and suffering that the victims of negligent drivers go through is the justification for them being able to receive financial compensation from a lawsuit. Because they were injured through no fault of their own and because their injuries were directly attributable to somebody who was being negligent on the road, they are sometimes rewarded significant sums of money to help pay for the costs of the accident. If you are injured by a negligent driver, it’s a good idea to speak with a personal injury attorney to determine whether or not you have a good chance of winning a lawsuit in court.

Nobody is expecting the average driver to be able to drive like somebody who carries a commercial driver’s license or somebody who has a profession that provides training in driving. All that is expected of drivers is that they exercise a reasonable amount of caution on the roads and that they watch out for the other drivers out there so they do not inadvertently injure them. If somebody didn’t exercise that caution and injured you, and car accident lawyer in Dallas may be able to help you. Whether you were rear-ended or hit head-on at an intersection, or were in any other type of accident, it’s a good idea to speak with one of these attorneys to see if there’s something they can do for you.

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