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A tragic wreck involving an 18 wheeler and several cars shut down both lanes of I-30 in Dallas over the Trinity River today.

According to reports, the big rig fell onto its side blocking both lanes and crashing into another 18 wheeler and colliding with several other vehicles.  Six people have been taken to the hospital, two reportedly in critical condition.

18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Dallas
18-Wheeler Accident on Interstate 30

Because of an apparent gas spill, a hazmat team has been called to the area along with a number of ambulances and support personnel.  The wreck has caused congestion throughout the Dallas area, especially on the side streets in the area.
As is the case with many truck wrecks, the possibility for serious injury or death is increased exponentially.  The sheer size of 18-wheelers leave normal vehicles virtually no chance in an accident.  Whenever there are more than one big rigs involved, the outcome can be devastating.
While accidents on our roadways are inevitable, wrecks involving 18-wheelers oftentimes happen due to a culture within the trucking industry that breeds dangerous driving.  It is no secret that the majority of drivers are paid according to the amount of loads they can take on and deliver in timely manner.  Because of this, truck drivers are tempted to drive too fast, overload their trucks and drive on little or no rest.  This is a recipe for disaster.
If you or a loved have been in a crash involving a big rig, you may want to speak with a Texas truck wreck lawyer.  Trucking companies and their insurance agencies have teams of lawyers on call whose job is to ensure that they pay you as little as possible for your pain, suffering and loss.  It takes an experienced truck accident attorney to ensure that your rights are withheld and you and your loved ones receive the compensation you deserve.
Rasansky Law Firm has represented accident victims all across Texas and the United States and have the resources and experience needed to take on these big companies and fight for your rights.  Contact us today for your free case evaluation.  The time to act is now.

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