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In 2012 automakers issued a total of 586 car recalls affecting more than 16.2 million vehicles. Five automakers topped the list of recalls.

  1. Toyota: In 2009 and 2010 Toyota recalled more than 9.3 million vehicles because of sudden acceleration concerns.  This year the auto manufacturer announced 13 recalls involving 5.3 million vehicles in the U.S., including 2.5 million cars that were recalled because of faulty window switches that could short circuit and catch fire.
  2. Honda: Honda, with 15 campaigns, had more recall announcements than Toyota, but these involved fewer (3.4 million) vehicles. In December, 800,000 minivans and crossover vehicles were recalled because a faulty transmission could take the vehicle out of park causing it to roll away.
  3. General Motors: 1.3 million cars were recalled in 17 campaigns. About 119,000 vehicles were recently recalled because of a welding error that could cause the hood to spring open.
  4. Ford: Ford recalled 1.4 million vehicles in 24 campaigns. The most recent involved the 2013 Escape crossover. A software glitch in the cooling system could potentially cause a fire.
  5. Chrysler: Chrysler’s five campaigns involved 1.3 million vehicles. A November recall involved 919,000 vehicles with defective airbags.

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