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A new report has revealed that the bus driver who was involved in a fatal accident in Abilene, Texas in November might have been drowsy, fatigued, or even asleep at the wheel in the moments before the crash.
According to the Associated Press, bus driver Michael Nicodemus produced a written statement and a video statement explaining that he may have possibly fallen asleep or closed his eyes for a few seconds while driving.
The man, a professor at Abilene Christian University, was driving a school-owned bus filled with faculty members and students to a charity event in Medina. The bus ran off of the road on the way to the event, injuring over a dozen people and killing 19-year-old Anabel Reid. Twelve people were ejected from the bus and three people were critically injured.
The investigation into the fatal Abilene bus crash is ongoing as Texas Department of Public Safety officers continue to collect evidence and await the results of drug and alcohol blood work.
Fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel are all too common causes of Texas bus accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Dallas bus crash that was caused by negligence or carelessness, it is important to speak with a Texas personal injury attorney. For more information or to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment, contact Rasansky Law Firm today.

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