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3.31 Arlington, TX –Patients Sickened due to Negligence at Medical City Arlington

Arlington, TX (March 31, 2020) – A hospital in Arlington is facing deep scrutiny after failing to properly notify an assisted living facility that two of their elderly residents at assisted living facility tested positive for COVID-19.

On March 18 and March 22, two residents from the Heartis Arlington Assisted Living facility went to Medical City Arlington after experiencing an array of symptoms commonly attributed to the COVID-19 outbreak.

On March 24, the family of the patient who visited the hospital on March 22 notified the living facility that their relative tested positive for COVID-19 while at Medical City Arlington. The facility immediately notified the Arlington Health Department. Upon notifying the Health Department, the facility found out that the hospital never provided the department notification of the positive testing.

On March 26, the family of the patient who visited the hospital on March 18 notified the Heartis Arlington Assisted Living facility staff that their relative tested positive as well.

By Friday, March 27, a third patient at the assisted living facility fell ill and was hospitalized with COVID-19. At this time, staff and residents in the facility began to undergo testing for COVID-19.

As of Monday, March 30, eleven residents and one employee at the facility were confirmed positive for COVID-19.

At this time, the staff at the Heartis Arlington Assisted Living are working to determine why they were never notified about their residents testing positive for such an infectious disease.

Medical Malpractice in Texas

3.31 Arlington, TX –Patients Sickened due to Negligence at Medical City ArlingtonFar too often, patients entrust hospitals and medical facilities to provide only top-quality care for patients. Unfortunately, there are instances where the negligent and reckless actions of hospital workers, doctors, nurses, and various other medical providers cause irreversible harm to patients and others around them.

Although privacy laws are in place to ensure the information pertaining to patients is not leaked out to others unnecessarily, when outbreaks occur that can be life-threatening to others, it is imperative to notify others who may be at risk. If you suffered injuries or damages as a result of a medical professional’s negligence, it is imperative that you reach out to a medical malpractice attorney in Texas as soon as possible.

At Rasansky Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping victims get the justice they deserve. With over two and a half decades of experience, our competent personal injury attorneys in Texas have helped countless injured patients and their caretakers hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions. We strive to ensure those harmed are in the best position possible to move forward and get the medical treatment they need to recover. Contact our law firm today at (214) 617-1816 to schedule a free case evaluation to explore legal options available for you.

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