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A Texas dog may well have saved his owner’s life after a paralyzing biking accident in the woods.
According to CNN, 57-year-old Austin resident Paul Horton was riding his bike near his home and Lake Travis when he hit a curb and went flying over his handlebars and landed on his neck and back. The man was immediately paralyzed from the chest down and couldn’t call for help. Luckily, his 4-year-old golden retriever Yogi assessed the situation and went for help.
Soon, the dog found neighbors Bruce Tate and his wife on a nearby trail and got their attention with a flurry of barks. Then the dog led Tate to his master by tracing his steps through the woods and down a hill. Doctors say that Horton could have easily died on the trail without quick medical attention.
Today, Horton is recovering at a Rehabilitation hospital and has made significant progress since his cycling accident.

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