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You have a greater risk of being involved in a Dallas car accident during the nighttime hours.

This is of course due to the limited visibility, but also due to the driving habits of most of the people on the road.
The number one mistake people make when driving at night is not slowing down. You have to take visibility into account when you’re on the road at night, and give yourself more time to drive defensively.

Night Driving Safety
Night Driving Safety

When you’re driving at night, the following common risks may present themselves:

  • Road signs make it seem like your headlights give more visibility than is the case
  • The headlights on other vehicles, especially if one is burned out, may cause you to misjudge their distance
  • Some drivers have their brights on at all times, blinding you as they approach

Your headlights cannot be judged by the farthest street sign they illuminate. Street signs are very reflective and it takes little light to make them shine. If you stood under the streetlight where your headlight was reflecting, you’d likely see that very little of the ground would be illuminated. Always judge the reach of your headlights by the road in front of you. You need to be able to stop in the time it takes you to reach the end of your headlight beams when you see an obstruction.
When drivers approach you with one headlight out, or when you have a motorcycle coming toward you, it can throw off your sense of distance. Look for the outline of the vehicle around the headlights. Make sure that you’re not mistaking a vehicle with one headlight for one that is far enough away that the headlights seem to be one.
If someone comes at you with their brights on, look at the right side of the road until they pass. You can make sure you’re following the road by paying attention to the line on the right of your lane. Looking into the headlights will blind you temporarily. Flashing the other driver may get them to turn off their brights, but you’ll still suffer the after-images.
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