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This week, we are discussing common birth injury myths – from the misleading belief that nothing could have been done to protect your baby from harm, to the misconception that your child’s birth injuries were genetic or environmental.
In this blog post, we will cover one last medical mistake myth: it’s impossible to pursue a birth injury case because of the 2003 tort reforms.

Tort reform shouldn’t stop you from seeking justice and compensation.

In 2003, Texas residents passed a constitutional amendment that limited the amount medical malpractice victims could receive for non-economic damages, like pain and suffering. The results of the law have been varied – although the number of medical malpractice cases and awards has gone down, many of the other predicted effects (such as a lower overall cost of health care) did not result from the reforms.
The reforms have, however, scared some victims and medical malpractice attorneys away from pursuing cases or taking on clients – the awards are smaller, and the atmosphere is unfriendly. The result is that more and more doctors and hospitals in Texas are getting away with medical mistakes and negligence.
You should understand that if you have a strong birth injury case, you could still successfully win a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit and get the compensation you need and deserve. Sometimes, all it takes is determination and a great attorney.

Dallas birth injury lawyer.

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