Can a Child Therapist be Sued for Medical Malpractice?

While it can be helpful to children and their families to seek child counseling, it is devastating when a child therapist betrays a family's trust. You might not think that such a catastrophe is possible. However, there have been numerous incidents of medical malpractice lawsuits involving child therapists, child psychologists and child psychiatrists. states a few facts that all families accept as true: therapy for children is a very positive thing. Children are encouraged to talk to school counselors and sometimes even professional therapists if there are some deep-rooted issues to confront. A child therapist can help children, among other things, to:

  • Learn speech or toilet training
  • Overcome ADD
  • Work out anger issues or other disorders
  • Improve grades
  • Work out feelings of depression or grief
  • Improve social anxiety or isolation
  • Help bullying incidents
  • Address physical problems
  • Recover from trauma

One particular case of child therapist malpractice claims that a doctor prescribed drugs for a suicidal 17-year-old. The medical malpractice issue involved over-medication and drug errors. Another shocking story comes to us from the New York Times. In this scenario, the victim is not suing because of what a child therapist did-but because of what he didn't do. This medical malpractice lawsuit will determine whether Dr. DeMasi molested a child patient, and then whether his psychiatrist named Dr. Ingram, was in error by not breaking doctor-patient confidentiality trust and informing authorities. This promises to set a major precedent considering the many factors at play: a doctor who is allegedly a pedophile, a conflict of interest between law and profession, and a case that happened over 10 years ago.
These examples prove that no child therapist is ever exempt from accountability. If a child is injured because of the action or inaction of a trusted doctor, then it may be considered medical malpractice. If your child has suffered because of the negligence of a child therapist then contact Rasansky Law Firm and tell us your story. Or, you may call us for a FREE consultation at (214) 617-1886.



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