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Memorial Day weekend has the highest number of traffic fatalities of any holiday.

Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Accidents
Memorial Day Weekend Traffic

Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start to summer. During this weekend highway traffic is expected to increase, and unfortunately, so is the number of drunk drivers. According to the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this holiday ranks the highest when it comes to the number of road accident fatalities.   An average of 400 Americans lose their lives on the road during Memorial Day weekend. Most people think that the colder months and holidays such as New Years are the most dangerous ones when it comes to car accidents; however, this isn’t the case given the statistics available.

Drunk drivers are on the road.

Drunken driving plays a major role when it comes to car accidents over Memorial Day weekend. Despite all the festivities, you must never let someone you love drink and drive. I plead with all readers to make a promise to yourself right now that you will not drink and drive this weekend, nor knowingly let others. It’s simply not worth it. You can choose to have a designated driver. You can call a cab or rideshare service like Uber.
Drinking impairs judgment, slows down reaction time and may lead to inattention, all of which cause serious car accidents. If you see a driver who may be impaired, call 911 immediately! Don’t follow them, but do report them. Do your part in reporting drunk drivers; you could save lives!

Get some rest before setting out.

Another thing you can do to keep yourself and your family safe on the road is to ensure that you get some rest before heading out. Driving on Memorial Day weekend is a stressful affair given the number of cars that will be on the road. By getting adequate rest, you’ll be able to prime your mind for what’s coming up, helping you stay focused while on the road for the entire duration of the holiday.

Watch out for road construction

Memorial Day Weekend also signals the beginning of road construction in anticipation of summer. During this time, you may come across detours, lane closings, uneven pavement, and TxDOT workers on the road. As a result, drive slowly and pay attention to the road ahead of you. Use signals where appropriate to alert other drivers of ongoing constructions so they can avoid accidents as well.

Take alternative routes.

Lastly, you can take alternative routes to avoid congestion. Use Google Maps to figure out which roads aren’t as congested, and plan your route accordingly. Avoiding the main roads means that you’re avoiding traffic congestion and and drunk drivers.

Share the information!

Do your part in protecting your friends and family by sharing this information on Twitter or Facebook. The main point of this article is to raise awareness of the increase in traffic fatalities over Labor Day weekend, and we hope that you’ll help share this information. Rasansky Law Firm wishes you and your family a great Memorial Day weekend!

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