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Cerebral palsy is actually not just one condition. The term refers to the loss of muscle control that results from brain damage. Among the criteria for diagnosing cerebral palsy are:

  • The brain damage is non-progressive
  • The condition is permanent due to the brain damage

There are several different varieties of cerebral palsy. Dyskinetic cerebral palsy is one specific type with its own characteristics. There are several other types of cerebral palsy and a sufferer may have one or several of them.
In addition to the fact that there are many different types of cerebral palsy, there is also a lot of variation in how severe the condition is between one person’s case and the next.

baby-brain-damage1: Non-Progressive

Non-progressive means that the condition is not worsening over time. If your child is diagnosed with CP, the brain damage that they suffered is not getting worse as they age. While this is good news in the sense that there is no ongoing damage, this is not the same as saying that the symptoms cannot get worse. They can. Some cerebral palsy suffers have more severe spasms, hearing loss and other issues over time.

2: Permanent

Brain damage does not heal. Modern medical technology, as of right now, has no way of repairing most brain damage. The brain damage suffered by people with cerebral palsy can sometimes be very severe and sometimes very mild. Some cerebral palsy sufferers have very few symptoms and those that they do have are minor. Others suffer tremendously from the symptoms of the condition. Either way, it’s permanent.
A Texas CP lawyer may be able to help you if your child’s CP was caused by medical negligence. Before you decide that it was, however, remember the following: Establishing medical negligence and getting a jury award or a settlement takes skill and knowledge on the part of a lawyer. If you’re brining a lawsuit, you’ll want to make sure that the person arguing it for you is very good at what they do. This is the best way to increase your chances of winning.
A good cerebral palsy law firm will have lawyers who are knowledgeable and experienced with these cases. Not only does this mean that they have an impressive level of familiarity with the legal issues surrounding medical negligence, it also means that they are very familiar with CP. This gives them a significant advantage over attorneys that cannot say the same for their experience and knowledge.

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