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Chef Point Lawsuit

Popular local restaurant is sued over claims of unpaid wages.

Chef Point Lawsuit
A Texas couple that owns a popular gas station-based restaurant, famed for its 5-star meals on a budget, is facing a lawsuit brought forward by former employees who allege that the owners have not paid what’s owed to them.
Employees who filed the lawsuit claim that the restaurant owners would give them IOU’s that sometimes went unpaid. They also claim that there were several instances where their paychecks were short, and that they never received credit card tips meant for them at the end of a shift.
The restaurant’s owners were also accused of not paying their employees overtime when they worked more than 40 hours a week. When pressed for a comment, Mr. Nwaeze said that he was not aware of a lawsuit for unpaid wages, and that he didn’t know of anyone who was ever forced to work off the clock.

What the law says.

Texas restaurants are bound by law with regard to the hourly minimum wage rate. According to Ross Eisenbrey with The Economic Policy Institute, lots of employers and employees don’t understand these labor laws. He further states that the system is primed for incidents of abuse and exploitation.
The Chef Point Café lawsuit names the owner (Nigerian immigrant Mr. Franson Nwaeze), his wife (Paula Merrell) and their daughter (Hope) as defendants.

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