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Following a fatal Texas truck collision last Christmas, the family of the accident victim is suing a truck company that was involved in the wreck for wrongful death.

According to the Southeast Texas Record, Robert Barr was driving north on Texas Highway 6 outside of Hearn on December 22, 2010, when he struck the back of a tractor-trailer in the process of turning right off of the road. The truck driver, Jasmin Jiles, allegedly did not maneuver the big rig correctly to make the turn and the back of the trailer took up both lanes of the highway. Barr died from his truck accident injuries.
After the tractor-trailer crash, Barr’s family discovered that the trucking company, Acme Truck Line Inc., had not performed a background check on the truck driver, who was inexperienced. In the Texas wrongful death lawsuit, the family of Barr claims that the truck company failed to evaluate the driver’s ability to drive the truck, failed to monitor the truck driver, and failed to require the truck driver to fill out his driving logs.
In addition to wrongful death damages, the family is seeking damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of earnings, medical expenses, court fees, and interest.
This case is important to note because it illustrates that while a truck driver may be at fault for an accident, the trucking company that hired and trained the driver may also be responsible for a crash. Are you interested in learning more about a recent Texas truck accident that left you or a loved one injured? Contact us today at 1-877-405-4313.

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