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This week, a US Army recruiter proved that you don’t have to be overseas to be a hero. When the man spotted a car accident and the beginnings of a car fire, he pulled a victim to safety without blinking an eye.
According to the US Department of Defense, Army Staff Sergeant Marcus Stone was driving on Interstate 35 in Dallas when he saw a car wreck up ahead. The 28-year-old instinctually pulled his car to the side of the road and assessed the situation: too many people were near to one of the cars that was leaking gasoline, and someone might be trapped inside the vehicle. Within minutes, he was moving civilians out of danger and putting himself at risk to save a life.
When he approached the car, which was quickly becoming engulfed in flames, Stone saw someone was inside, conscious, but dazed and confused. He pulled the victim to safety moments before the car completely went into flames. Then he promptly left the scene. Only later did investigators piece together from witnesses that Stone saved a life.
Stone, an Iraq combat veteran, has been nominated by his peers for the Noncommissioned Officers Association of the United States of America Military Vanguard Award, which recognizes heroism.

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