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Three Dallas sanitation workers are being lauded by officials and residents after saving a small boy from a vicious pit bull attack.

According to Dallas News, 9-year-old Shannon Craig was taunting two pit bulls behind a fence when the dogs discovered a way out of their pen and attacked the boy. Luckily, minutes after the attack started, three Dallas city workers were driving by and saw what looked like two pit bulls tearing up a trash bag. Then one of the men realized the trash bag was actually a little boy under siege.
The three men, Steven Thurman, Larry Jones, and Douglas Rochelle, grabbed a pitchfork from their sanitation truck and went after the dogs. Though they broke the pitchfork in the process, they managed to get the boy from the dogs.
Craig is now recovering at home with a number of lacerations, bruises, and puncture wounds – and no one knows how bad the Dallas dog attack would have been if he wasn’t found when he was. He and his family are awaiting the results of the dogs’ rabies tests.
The dogs were captured by animal control and are now quarantined, their fates unknown. The men who saved the boy will be recognized by the city in an upcoming ceremony.

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