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Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman is asking for probation if he’s convicted of manslaughter from driving under the influence which involved a fatal car accident of his friend and other Dallas Cowboy football team player.
The football player, Josh Brent, is scheduled for trial in September to face a manslaughter charge from a DUI that on December 2012.  The car crash that killed the Dallas Cowboys practice squad player Jerry Brown Jr. who was also a friend of Brent.  He is scheduled for trial next month and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted, though he could also get probation.
An Application for Probation and a motion to allow the jury to assess punishment were filed Friday with the court. The Application for Probation submitted by his attorney states that Brent has never been convicted of a felony in Texas.  The document also states the football player has never been convicted in any other state. What is not mentioned is that the football player was already on probation when the accident happened.  The application urges the jury, if convicted, to suspend the sentence and place Brent on probation. Brent’s trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 23, 2013.
According to a recent article on the NBCDFW news website Brent has been out on bond while waiting for trial and wears  an ankle monitor to determine if he drinks alcohol. Brent hasn’t had anything to drink, drug tests have twice found marijuana in his system which will not help his case.

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