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A man who many believe was responsible for a woman’s death on Central Expressway over Labor Day weekend hasn’t been issued a ticket for his involvement in the car accident even six months after the event occurred. Now the woman’s family is asking investigators why their case has been handled so poorly and why justice hasn’t been done.
The car accident took place last September after Latonya Lyon’s car suffered mechanical issues near the Yale exit of the Central Expressway in Dallas. Lyon pulled her car onto the shoulder and put on her hazard lights while she waited for help. However, Christopher Clary soon struck her car with his Porsche as he entered the highway, hitting the vehicle so hard that it flipped, was totaled, and killed Lyon.
Clary stayed at the scene of deadly Dallas car accident, but he was not tested for drugs or alcohol by the police that responded to the accident. He was also not cited for any traffic violations such as careless driving or reckless driving.
Now, months later, records have revealed that Clary has a long history of serious traffic violations, including a drunk driving charge, a reckless driving charge, and a manslaughter charge after a passenger of his died after he struck a tree while intoxicated. Many believe that the man was speeding when he struck Lyon’s vehicle, but police are struggling to secure any evidence, such as the computer inside Clary’s Porsche that would reveal the speed of the car at the time of impact. At the same time, investigators believe that Lyon’s car was not fully on the shoulder of the road at the time of the collision.

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