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A Dallas man is recovering in the hospital after being the victim of a hit-and-run motorcycle accident on July 25th.

He and his family are asking that anyone with information regarding the accident contact the police and share what they know.
According to local news sources, 23-year-old Matthew Meyer was riding his motorcycle one afternoon this summer when he was struck by an SUV at the intersection of Lemmon Avenue and Prescott Avenue in Dallas. Instead of stopping to help the man, who was critically injured, the driver fled from the scene of the accident without even calling for help. Meyer was left to die on the pavement, which was so hot that it burned his back and legs.
The motorcycle rider woke up from his coma days later with a broken neck, a punctured spleen, and other broken bones. He was in a world of pain, and it was his birthday. The only evidence that police had of who hit Meyer was the red paint found on his clothing – transferred from the vehicle during the impact.
As Meyer makes his slow and painful recovery, he and his family want justice. They don’t think its right that the person who left a man for dead on the side of the road should walk free. If you have any information about this motorcycle accident, contact the Dallas Police Department immediately.

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