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The wife of former Dallas Cowboys player Ron Springs has filed a Dallas medical malpractice lawsuit against the anesthesiologist who she says put her husband into a permanent vegetative state.
Start football player Ron Springs had a number of medical issues and suffered from diabetes but was back on track after a kidney transplant from NFL teammate Everson Walls. Tragically, everything turned for the worse when Springs went in for a minor surgery to remove a cyst from his arm. According to his wife, theanesthesiologist made a critical mistake and left Springs without enough oxygen for his brain.
Now he lives in Medical City Dallas Hospital, where he can’t talk, walk, or take care of himself due to the brain damage he suffered during surgery. While he can sit up in chair, yawn, sneeze, and open his eyes, he is unable to live the life he once had.
His wife, Adriane Springs, is suing two different doctors who took part in the procedure, and as medical bills mount for her husband, she may very well need as much support as she can get. Since Springs is not expected to improve, he could face decades of full-time medical care, which could cost millions of dollars. However, at the time, medical malpractice damages are capped at $250,000.
Adriane Springs visits her husband everyday and hopes that her husband can hear and understand what goes on around him and what she says to him. While his brain activity has improved since the accident, it is unclear how much more improvement will take place or how much he understands about his situation now.

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