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DALLAS, TX (04/21/2014) — A DART mechanic was killed in a late Monday night accident at the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Central Supply garage in East Dallas.

DART Mechanic Killed
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Bus

According to reports, 61-year-old Terry Tatum was attempting to repair a DART bus at the maintenance facility (Central Supply garage) at the time of the accident. He had moved to the rear of the bus where the engine is located when the bus apparently rolled backward and pinned him between the rear of the bus and the wall of the facility.
Mr. Terry Tatum was found by other employees who called 911 and tried to help free the victim, but were unsuccessful. Mr. Tatum was taken to Baylor University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.
“We’re conducting an investigation to find out what happened,” DART Spokesman Morgan Lyons said. Terry Tatum had apparently worked as a mechanic for DART for around 10 years, and leaves behind a family.
Be it a mistake on the mechanic’s part, and act of negligence on DART’s part, or as a result of a 3rd-party, an attorney’s job is to discover why accidents happen in order to prevent the same type of accidents from happening in the future. As someone who deals with serious workplace accidents on a regular basis, I am very interested in seeing the results of this investigation.

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