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Most of the time, auto insurance companies are pretty good about paying out claims. There are situations, however, where you may find that they are extremely reluctant to pay out a claim, even though it’s clear to just about anyone that they should be paying on it.
In such situations, you may want to talk to an attorney. They can help you work through Texas auto accident insurance claims where the insurance company isn’t being helpful or is being downright irresponsible about holding up their end of a contract.

car-accident-front-endStop talking.

If you decide to go the route of speaking to an attorney, you want to stop talking to the insurance company directly. If the attorney takes you on as a client, they’re going to advise you to do this right away. This is because they don’t want you to say anything to the insurance company that may ruin your chances of getting your money from them in court. This all sounds well and good, excepting the fact that many people in this situation are without a vehicle and without money. If you find yourself in this situation, do not despair.

Working with a Dallas car accident attorney.

Some of the best auto accident attorneys out there work on a contingency basis. These attorneys don’t charge their clients unless the attorney actually wins money for their clients. This arrangement ensures that the client can proceed working with the attorney with the utmost confidence that the attorney does, in fact, believe in the client’s case. After all, if the attorney can’t argue the case successfully or get a settlement, the attorney is simply not going to get paid for their time and effort.
Going after an insurance company may end up being enormously simple. After being contacted by an attorney and realizing that you’re serious about getting your money that you’re owed, they may offer you a settlement that is enough to cover your expenses. If they do not, however, the attorney can go to court and argue your claim for you. This will leave it up to a jury as to whether or not you get paid, but a good attorney certainly increases your chances of winning.
Where winning is concerned, remember that there’s no way to guarantee it. You won’t know whether or not your case is going to win until the jury hands down their verdict. If an insurance company isn’t living up to their obligations, however, going to court may be your only option.

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