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In June 2011, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) enacted new safety standards for all cribs sold in the United States. If you were already using a crib before the new law took effect, your child’s crib may not meet these safety standards. In fact, your crib may pose a danger to your child. Our Dallas crib injury lawyers explain.
The 2011 crib safety law required crib manufacturers to use stronger materials and better hardware. In addition, the new law banned drop-side cribs. A drop-side is the movable side of the crib that goes up and down to allow parents easier access.
If you are currently using a drop-side crib and have never had a problem, you may wonder why drop sides are a big deal. But, you cannot assume your crib is safe.  The CPSC still receives dozens of accident reports each week involving drop-side cribs. The problem is that these cribs are not as structurally sound as cribs without drop sides. The pieces of the crib tend to wear as the crib is used. A problem may suddenly develop even if the crib had been safely used for years.
If you own a crib that was purchased before July 1, 2011, our Dallas dangerous crib attorneys urge you to check the CPSC crib recall list to see if your crib is listed. If your crib is on the list, you can request a kit that will immobilize the drop side and make your crib safer. Do not try to fix the crib yourself.
If your child is injured by a defective crib, you have the right to hold the crib manufacturer accountable.  To learn more, contact a Dallas product liability lawyer at Rasansky Law Firm by calling 1-877-405-4313.

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