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Getting rear-ended can be one of the most dangerous types of accidents.

These accidents have a way of being total surprises, so it’s easy to get hurt because you’re not at all prepared for the impact. In many cases, the other driver fails to see you altogether, which means that they hit you at full speed, making the accident even deadlier. Here are some ways you can avoid being in such an accident.

Rear-End Car Wrecks
Rear-End Car Wrecks

Signal early.

Your signal should be on for at least 3 seconds before you turn. You need to give any drivers behind you plenty of warning when you’re going to turn, particularly if you’re turning right off of a busy street. A lot of rear end accidents happen because someone didn’t signal in time and, when this is the case, it’s hard to sue someone for hitting you.

Brake lights.

Tapping your brakes before you apply them fully can give some extra warning to drivers behind you that you’re about to stop. This flash of your brake lights can catch their attention and make sure that they don’t end up coming up behind you so fast that they can’t actually stop before you begin to slow down for the turn. This is particularly useful in conditions where the roads are wet or icy.

Check your equipment.

Make sure you check your brake, tail and signal lights from time to time. It’s easy to have these go out and to be completely unaware that they have gone out. If your signals or brake lights are out, you’re not only risking getting nailed for a violation by the police, you’re also risking getting hit by a driver who had no way of knowing that you were slowing down or turning.
If someone rear ends you and it was their negligence was the cause of the accident, be sure you speak with a car accident lawyer. They can help you by seeing whether you have a case that has a chance of winning in court. A Dallas car accident attorney can make sure that your claim as the best chance of winning. You may also be offered a settlement. The first step, however, is talking to an attorney to see whether or not you have a case that might win. If they believe that you do, they may be willing to take you on a contingency so you don’t have to pay up front.

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