Harley-Davidson Recalls Motorcycles Over Brake Issue

Motorbike manufacturer Harley-Davidson has notified over 308,000 motorcycle owners across the world of a vehicle recall involving the brake light switch on some of the 2009 model bikes.
According to the Associated Press, The Touring, CVO Touring, and Trike motorcycles from model years 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 all have a similar dangerous defect that could lead to Texas motorcycle accidents or motorcycle brake failure. The motorcycle company believes that a brake switch is too close to the bike’s exhaust system, causing heat exposure, possible brake light failure, and even possible brake failure.
Anyone with one of the above motorcycles should bring their vehicle in to a Harley-Davidson dealer, where their brake switch will be replaced for free. The motorcycle maker expects the fixes to cost them over $10 million.
Harley-Davidson was alerted to the motorcycle design issue after a trike motorcycle crash in the summer of 2010 that involved brake failure. After a similar accident occurred just months later, in which one person was injured, the company began considering an international recall. No other accidents or injuries have been reported.
It is important to remember that not just riders are responsible for motorcycle accidents – some motorbike crashes can be caused by faulty design. In those cases, the maker of the motorcycle could be responsible for any damages incurred by the crash. If you have been involved in a Texas motorcycle accident that you believe was caused by poor design, speak to a dangerous product personal injury attorney today.

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