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When a Texas couple couldn’t provide evidence that their autistic son was being abused in his group home, they installed a hidden camera in his room. What they found was a shocking case of Texas nursing home abuse.
Karen and Michael Hartley are the parents of 22-year-old Taylor, who developed autism when he was a toddler. When he grew older, his size and disability made it impossible to receive the care he needed at home, and he was brought to an east Allen group home operated by Frank Nerkowsk. However, mere days after their son settled in, he began to display disturbing injuries, including bruises, burns, and a fractured jaw.
After the couple installed a camera in their son’s room, they got the evidence they needed: footage of staff member Michael Fuller beating Taylor with his fists as well as a toy gun. In addition, another caretaker was caught mistreating their son on tape. Both blamed the young man’s injuries on a fall.
Fuller is facing felony charges in Collin County.
The Allen nursing home abuse attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm send their thoughts to the Hartley family – and remind readers that hidden cameras are legal in Texas nursing homes and care facilities.

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