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A woman has filed a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit against a Galveston County surgeon in which she claims her sleep apnea was misdiagnosed and mistreated. The woman is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages.
According to the Southeast Texas Record, Rincey Wicks filed the surgical mistake lawsuit against Dr. Raza Pasha, a physician practicing at Texas Otolaryngology Partners in Galveston. In 2009, Wicks went to the doctor complaining about snoring and fatigue. Pasha diagnosed her with sleep apnea and one month later performed a surgery that removed her uvula, tonsils, and adenoids. The med mal lawsuit claims that the surgery was too extensive and that it caused more issues than it solved.
Wick said that the surgery was not successful in curing her snoring and tiredness symptoms – and in fact, resulted in a number of serious complications. Since the sleep apnea operation, she has been forced to undergo three follow-up surgeries to correct the errors of the first operation and to tend to her original medical issues. The patient’s current surgeon, speech pathologist, and other medical professionals have stated that Wick’s current medical issues stem directly from the mistakes made during her original diagnosis and treatment.

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