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A Lone Star machine shop accident left a Texas teenager severely burned last week. Due to the seriousness of his job-related burn injuries, he was airlifted by an East Texas Medical Center Helicopter and flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas for treatment.
According to Texas news sources, 19-year-old Robert Huddleson was working at the A&E Machine Shop on Industrial Boulevard in Lone Star at the time of the worker accident. The shop owner, Earl Alexander, told Lone Star Police that the young man had been cutting a barrel with a blowtorch when something exploded. Huddleson received third-degree burns and fourth-degree burns above his waist – affecting his chest, face, and neck. It is not clear whether he was wearing protective gear on those areas of his body.
Huddleson had been working at the machine shop for about a year. The Lone Star Volunteer Fire Department and the Morris County Sheriff’s Department aided in the injury response efforts.
A Texas worker injury investigation will take place at the machine shop to determine the cause of the accident and to determine whether the employer was violating any safety regulations at the time of the explosion and injury.
The Dallas worker accident attorneys at the Rasansky Law Firm wish Robert Huddleson a swift and complete recovery.

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