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You should never leave a toddler unsupervised around dogs of any kind or age. This was a lesson that a Longview, Texas mother has learned in the most tragic way.

Police say that the mother left her three-year-old girl to play in the backyard with a friend’s dogs. When the mother checked on the girl, she had been seriously mauled by the animals. The accident occurred around 1 pm on Monday.
Longview police say that the unnamed woman has been charged with child endangerment in the wake of the dog attack, saying that the girl was not supervised while playing with the dogs. She has not yet been arrested. The girl had been playing with four pit bull puppies – three-month-old dogs weighing between 15 and 20 pounds. The girl was rushed to Gppd Shepherd Medical Center and is being treated for serious dog bite wounds on her hands and face as well as other dog bites covering the rest of her body.
All four dogs that took part in the child dog attack have been taken to Animal Control where they remain under quarantine. The dogs’ future is unknown.
The mother claimed that she believed the dogs were harmless and that her daughter had spent time with them in the past. The dogs’ owner will not be charged for the dog attack as he was not responsible for the child’s care.

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