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MADD’s Annual Campaign Shows the Effects of DWI Accidents

MADD's Tie One On For Safety Campaign
Tie One On For Safety

The most dangerous days of the year for anyone on the road fall between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This was the reason MADD first developed its Tie One On For Safety® annual campaign. During the holiday season each year MADD asks drivers to display a red ribbon on their vehicle in a visible spot to remind them to always have a designated driver whenever they choose to drink.

Origination & Public Participation

Tie One On For Safety® originated in 1986, and is not only MADD’s oldest, but also the most highly visible awareness project. The name is derived from the common phrase “tie one on” slang for consuming alcohol. However, MADD uses the phrase as a reminder of the danger created by drinking and driving.

The Problem of DWI Accidents in Texas

Although Texas employs some of the finest law enforcement personnel in the country, DWI accidents continue to be an enormous problem in the state. Even the state legislature has taken measures to attempt to reduce the enormity of the problem while local authorities have implemented enforcement programs designed to eliminate DWI accidents. In spite of those enhanced enforcement policies, very few days pass without the occurrence of a fatal accident that involves alcohol.
While drinking and driving among teenage drivers is also problematic, parents need to teach their children not to ride in a car with a driver who has consumed alcohol. This is another great educational tool that can go a long way toward teaching the public about the dangers of combining drinking and driving.

DWI Accident Lawyer
Help Reduce the Number of Drunk Drivers

Dram Shop Law

Sometimes establishments that serve alcohol such as bars, taverns, restaurants and other similar establishments can be held liable for their portion of liability in a drunk driving accident. This is due to the Texas Dram Shop Act. In a dram shop case, a lawsuit can also name the establishment who overserved a patron who then caused an accident.
Our firm handles cases in which someone was hit & injured (or killed) by a drunk driver. Oftentimes we can even represent those who have been overserved themselves and subsequently injured or killed in an accident. If you feel you may have a case, give us a call at 1-877-405-4313 and we’ll discuss your case in more detail (and for no charge).

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