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Dallas News reports that a man who hit a utility pole on April 22 claims that he was run off the road. The incident occurred in the morning hours. The man struck a utility pole and hit a fence, as well, after going into a spin. The driver was not seriously injured in the accident, but suffered nearly $10,000 in damages, according to the article.
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According to the victim’s statement, as related by the article, another driver in a pickup truck caused him to go off the road. The truck came up behind him, started flashing its lights and eventually slammed into his car from behind, causing the driver to spin off the road. In the end, the driver’s vehicle ended up turned over on the side of the road. The truck is alleged to have kept on driving after the accident.

Dangerous drivers.

There re dangerous drivers and then there are those who go beyond the pale. Drivers who harass other cars on the road, even to the point of ramming them, are not unheard of and, in fact, are likely more common than people think. There are some ways that you can protect yourself in these situations.

Move out of the way.

If someone is engaging in extremely aggressive driving, your best bet is always to get clear of them. Get off of the road by pulling over in a parking lot or to the side of the road, if you can do so safely. Alternately, you can slow down and let the person pass you more easily so that they can go on their way.

Don’t get road rage.

Road rage is a very real thing and it causes people to take dangerous actions in heated situations. You may find yourself wanting to retaliate against a bullying driver by slowing down, tapping your brakes as a warning or taking other actions. This will generally only increase the risk of you getting hurt or killed due to someone else’s negligent driving.

Contact a lawyer.

If someone causes you to come to harm because of their dangerous driving, contacting a Dallas car wreck lawyer is advisable. They may be able to help you by taking that driver to civil court and getting an award from a jury that could help to pay for your expenses. These expenses can include property and personal damages, so there is good reason to contact an attorney.

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