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This week, a 21-year-old Dallas man was killed in a motorcycle accident when a pickup truck struck him from behind as he slowed to make a right-hand turn. The biker was ejected from his bike, flew into the center lane, and was run over by another vehicle as he lay in the street. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital not long after he arrived by emergency helicopter.
It’s important lesson that every Texas driver needs to understand: there is no such thing as a fender-bender for motorcycle riders. Even the most low-speed, low-impact crashes for bikers can be fatal or result in critical injuries. Being struck by a vehicle from behind can be especially dangerous and deadly, since cars and trucks will often run into the biker’s rear wheel, causing the motorcycle to flip and ejecting the biker.
What can you do to prevent rear-ending motorcycles? Always give motorcycles extra room and absolutely never tailgate a motorcycle. Be aware that a motorcycle only has one rear brake light that can be more difficult to see than brake lights on wider vehicles. And never drive while drunk, fatigued, or distracted.
Have you been the victim of a rear-end motorcycle accident that was not your fault? Speak with a Dallas motorcycle accident attorney today about securing compensation for your accident.

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