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When involved in a serious car accident, a dashcam can be worth much more than its weight in gold.

With the world continuing to change, the amount of vehicles is increasing. This increases the amount of traffic congestion, ultimately causing an increase in the number of car accidents.

Do I Need a Dashcam?
The Importance of a Dash Cam

When a client comes to us after being injured in a car accident, it’s our job to help them prove their case.  Getting the at-fault party to admit fault and accept liability usually requires a battle. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was an impartial witness to the accident? There is—and it’s also one of the cheapest ways of protecting yourself.
A small investment now in a $50 camera can end up benefiting you and saving you much more later on.  A dash cam provides video evidence of exactly what happened, which is quite frankly the best evidence you can have.  How can you argue with what is on tape right before your eyes?
Video evidence can help build your case and support your claim, and if you’re in the right, it is highly unlikely that you will lose your case.  That’s right, a dashcam can be your best friend!
In addition to the dash camera being undeniable evidence, a dash cam also provides you with less need for accident reconstruction and investigation, ultimately saving you time – and in this case time is money.  It can help you catch and expose any insurance scams people may try to pull.
On top of all that, your car insurance company may also give you a discount for having a dashboard camera, saving you even more money!

  1. I got a dashcam for Christmas, and I was in an accident not two weeks later. Didn’t need it in this case, but I’ll never drive without one now.

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