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The technology that keeps people safe during car crashes has evolved significantly, particularly in the last 20 years.

Today’s technology is designed to stop car crashes before they happen. While there will always be wrecks, some of this technology can likely prevent some of the most common types of car crashes and, potentially, save lives.

Rear-Ended Vehicle
Technology to Prevent Accidents

Lane departure warnings.

A lane departure warning system lets you know when your car is crossing out of its proper lane of travel. These devices have been shown to have some good impacts on people’s awareness while they’re driving. Using sophisticated electronic devices, they can detect when the car crosses over a line and, if desired, give a warning. This could potentially keep a driver who was dozing off behind the wheel from getting into a crash and, of course, might give them the indication they need to let them know they need to pull over and sleep for a while.

Forward collision alert.

These devices are designed to alert the driver when there is something ahead of the vehicle and when an impact is imminent. This can provide the driver with time to react or, at least, time to prepare for the crash. For some drivers, the greatest benefit they get out of these devices may not actually be in preventing serious collisions. Many drivers, for instance, have a hard time figuring out how close they are to the cars in front of them when they’re in parking lots or at stoplights and this could potentially provide some protection against many common rear end fender benders.

Electronic stability control.

If you’ve ever experienced that awful feeling when you realize that you’re not completely in control of your vehicle, you know what an electronic stability control system is designed to prevent. The stability control system will help drivers to avoid losing control of their vehicles when they are navigating tricky terrain, hitting a lot of bumps or injuring other roadway hazards.
All of the technology in the world cannot help the fact that some drivers are just they’re warned. Whether or not they are warned, they likely drift in and out of lanes at will and, whether or not they get a heads up, they’ll likely rear-end cars that they should’ve been able to avoid. If you’re an accident with somebody like this, contact a respected car wreck lawyer to talk to them about whether or not file a lawsuit would be a viable option.

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