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According to reports in the Chicago Tribune, a lawsuit involving the survivor of a woman who committed suicide in an Illinois nursing home may be headed for a settlement. The lawsuit involves a situation where the nursing home is being sued for not giving proper attention to the decedent.

The case against the facility.

The case alleges that the nursing home did not provide proper monitoring of the decedent. According the report, the lawsuit claims that the decedent drowned herself in a tub at the facility. She had been expressing suicidal ideas and, because of that, the lawsuit claims that she should have been monitored more closely to prevent her from taking her own life.

Wrongful Death at a Nursing Home
Wrongful Death at a Nursing Home

Wrongful death claims.

Sometimes, a nursing home neglect lawsuit is filed over a wrongful death. These lawsuits are designed to provide for the survivors of the decedent. In this particular case, like many others of this type, it is alleged that the facility responsible for delivering care failed to do so and was negligent because of inaction. In the specific case described above, not providing the monitoring that a reasonable person in the same position would understand needed to be provided was the negligent action, among others.
If you have a loved one who dies in a nursing home and you believe it was due to neglect, there are plenty of reasons to consider filing a lawsuit. First, there is simply the fact that negligence that actually ends up killing someone has to be addressed. Second, there is a very good chance that you paid a lot of money for the nursing home’s services and those services turned out to be useless. This is a breach of their duty to you and to your loved one.
There are many different situations that end up in wrongful death claims. Sometimes, residents aren’t provided with competent staff to take care of their needs. In other cases, residents may be neglected and end up suffering severe and deadly illnesses due to poor hygiene or unmaintained facilities.
Talking to an attorney is the only way to find out whether or not one of these lawsuits might be helpful to you and your family. If they don’t believe so, they’ll just tell you. The attorneys who take these cases typically work on contingency. This allows their clients to get legal representation without upfront fees, so everyone has access to their right to sue for damages.

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