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A two-vehicle collision in Oak Cliff, Texas, left one man dead on Thursday night, June 16th.

The crash turns the spotlight on left-turn motorcycle crashes, which are the most common type of motorcycle accident in the state.
The fatal bike crash took place at the intersection of South Westmoreland Road and Ivandell Avenue, where a woman driver was turning left onto South Westmoreland Road as a motorcycle was driving southbound. The motorcycle struck the front left side of the car as the vehicle pulled into the intersection.
The motorcycle rider, 25-year-old Jane Wade of Dallas, was ejected from his bike and rushed to Methodist Dallas Medical Center but soon succumbed to his injuries. Another motorcycle that was riding with Wade and that was also involved in the accident was not seriously injured.
The driver of the car said that the bikers were speeding. No charges have been filed in the accident case.
Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents in which cars pull out to make left turns in front of oncoming bikers are some of the most common bike accidents in Texas. Some of these accidents could be caused by biker speed, but many happen because drivers do not see oncoming bikes or don’t correctly gauge their speed. If you have been involved in a left turn motorcycle accident in Texas, speak with a Dallas motorcycle accident attorney today.

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