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Watch yourself! An overturned semi-truck is just one example of truck accident danger.

An 18-wheeler overturned on Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, causing traffic to back up for miles and requiring lanes to be closed for hours. Thankfully there were no serious injuries and no other vehicles were struck. Although this is one of the ideal outcomes of such an accident, it is rarely the case.

Texas Truck Accident Attorney
Overturned 18-Wheeler Accidents

What IS familiar about this accident is that it was caused, according to witness accounts, by a normal sized vehicle. Although truck accidents occur for a variety reasons, most people would be surprised to hear that only approximately 25 percent of truck accidents are caused by the truck driver. This means that other drivers must be extra careful. Car accidents easily turn deadly when an 80,000 lb 18-wheeler in involved.
Although the statistics say that the majority of truck accidents are caused by other drivers, the very nature of the trucking industry is a breeding ground for negligent driving. The push to move loads over long distances in short amount of times can cause any number of dangers including speeding, driving fatigue, trailer overload, and many other negligent driving habits.
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