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It’s not just children in daycare who are at risk of child molestation in Texas. The leader of a Plano organization for troubled kids is alleged to have targeted teens for molestation.
Two teen boys have made allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior by Daundre Douglas, the leader of “Teens Inspiring Youth”, a mentoring program that is supposed to help troubled teens.
The teens, like many of those who joined the program, met Douglas at a park in Plano. The children were given community service hours for picking up garbage at local parks. In fact, the City of Plano’s Teen Court often referred teens to the program in order to complete community service hours.
One of the boys who made the allegations had been involved in the organization for two years. He felt that he and Douglas became friends. The 13-year-old boy and three of his friends were at a Plano apartment with Douglas when the mentor exposed his genitals and tried to force the boy’s hand “down his pants.”
Another boy said that Douglas asked him to record his sexual activities with girls. The boy said that Douglas promised to produce movies that would go on a website.
Douglas was recently given a criminal trespass warning at a Plano High School. While some kids in the Youth Group believe that the allegations are not true, the Plano Police Department says that Douglas has a criminal past and is a sexual predator. They are very concerned about the possibility of more victims and have set up a call line. Anyone with additional information about the investigation may call Detective Kristina McClain at 972-633-6667.
Douglas was arrested on multiple indecency charges and held in Collin County jail; he is now free on bond.
This arrest raises concerns about whether area courts are checking the backgrounds of mentors and organizations before allowing them to work with troubled teens.

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