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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Parents file lawsuit against daycare center after teacher allegedly breaks 6-month-old’s arm.

Camdyn Cahill

6-month-old Camdyn Cahill

Daycare centers serve an important role for busy parents; they provide a space in which children can interact with others of their same age group while their parents go off to work, comfortable in the knowledge that their children are being taken care of. While the majority of daycare centers are doing exactly this around the country, a small minority are taking advantage of the responsibility given to them by unassuming parents to abuse innocent children.

A six month old child attending Pleasant Day School became a daycare abuse victim after one of the employees in the day care grabbed at her left arm and pulled it, resulting in a fracture. The act was caught on camera, and was immediately picked up on by her father when he came to pick up his daughter from the facility.

Camdyn Cahill was crying in a dramatic manner when her father, Kyle came to collect her after a day at the daycare center. He was able to determine that there was something wrong when it came to the condition of her left arm. Her crying seemed out of the ordinary, but the daycare had not reported any injuries. When her Camdyn’s mother Veronica gave her daughter a bottle, she noticed that she wouldn’t move her left arm.

Spiral Fracture

That evening, the little girl was taken to see a doctor, who diagnosed her with a spiral fracture on her left arm. The doctor informed the parents that a spiral fracture is usually the result of a deliberate action. As a result, the parents looked to the daycare center to try to determine what exactly happened.

Parents Demand to See Video Footage

Mrs. Cahill called the daycare to request video footage of her daughter’s room, but the daycare balked at the idea. The following morning, Mrs. Cahill called again. She was then told that the daycare had not received the video footage. The school called back later that morning and informed her that they were able to view the video and that nothing untoward happened. The parents sought the help of Child Protective Services (CPS), which eventually led to them filing criminal charges against Stephanie Weis, a teacher at the school. What’s shocking is that there were a slew of other allegations brought on by other parents who had had their children at the daycare in question.

Thanks to intervention by the IIU section of Child Protective Services, the Cahill’s were able to see video footage of their child’s room at the daycare. The video clearly showed Ms. Stephanie Weis reach into the Camdyn’s crib and perform an abrupt movement. What followed were the child’s cries as well as her kicking her legs vigorously, perhaps as a means of self-defense.

Tyler Slavey of Brewer & Giggenbach represented the Cahills in court. He commented that Craig Edmond, the daycare owner, had at times seemed more concerned about the institution’s profits compared to the welfare of the children. He went on to add that Pleasant Day School had gotten so big that management had lost track of what was going on. He also noted that the center’s slow reaction to prevent and stop similar cases of child abuse was reckless and pointed to a lack of institutional control.

Camdyn is now a safe and happy two-year old. However, her mother stated that she wanted other parents to know what had happened at the daycare center in hopes of stopping the cycle of abuse that is allegedly synonymous with the school.

Daycare Abuse Lawsuits

If your child was injured at a daycare center, please call Rasansky Law Firm at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation. We can help you determine your legal options, and if we take on your case, we’ll do so on contingency – meaning that you pay nothing unless we are able to successful recover compensation for you and your family.

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