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An investigation into the Interstate 35 San Marcos bus accident has revealed that the driver of the vehicle fell asleep at the wheel, causing the crash.

According to the San Marcos Police Department, no charges will be filed against the fatigued bus driver, and alcohol was not a factor in the crash. Their investigation found that shortly after a stop, 44-year-old Jesus Basio-Ramirez nodded off behind the wheel, drifted off of the northbound lanes of I-35, hit a road sign, and tipped the bus.
Of the 21 passengers on board, 17 suffered injuries that required hospital treatment and three people suffered serious injuries: 4-year-old Crystal Moreno suffered a leg injury that resulted in amputation, 35-year-old Maria Barboza remains in fair condition, and 57-year-old 57-year-old Maria Yolanda Serate-Delgado remains in stable condition. The bus accident victims were taken to a number of hospitals in the Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio areas.
The bus company that employs the driver and owns the vehicle is Mares Bus Line, which has just over a dozen drivers and nine commercial vehicles. According to Texas Department of Public Safety inspection reports, the bus company had a number of recent federal safety violations regarding driver schedules, driver fatigue, and unsafe driving. The driver that caused the crash had two recent violations.

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