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Were you hurt in a slip, trip and fall accident at the Stonebriar Centre Mall in Frisco? Wondering if you have a case?

Stonebriar Centre Injury Lawyer
Stonebriar Centre Mall

The Galleria.  Northpark.  Shops at Willow Bend. Stonebriar Centre…  Dallas has a myriad of shopping outlets to choose from.  A shopping mall is an inviting place to spend a nice Saturday afternoon with the family.  Though it seems like a safe environment, one of the more frequent accidents that occurs in a shopping mall is the “slip and fall” injury.
Legally speaking, when you enter a shopping mall, you are considered an “invitee” under premises liability law.  What this means is that the owners of the shops and the mall are legally bound to ensure that you are provided a safe environment to shop in.  This includes informing their customers (you) if there are any potential hazardous situations that are present.  Though a shopping mall may not seem like a particularly dangerous place, there are several areas where accidents can happen.

  • A mall’s vast parking lot with its variable terrain is a common place for an accident to occur.
  • Escalators are a staple of US shopping malls, and there are approximately 33,000 escalators operating in the US alone.  Accidents on escalators tend to occur with younger children 5 and under, and with the elderly.  From 1990 to 2002, there were 26,000 escalator injuries involving children alone.
  • Open railings are a concern, especially for smaller children.  Small children, unaware of the hazards, can easily slip through the open railings and fall.
  • Slip and fall accidents can be caused by wet floors, irregular surfaces, or just poor design.  In recent years, these types of injuries have accounted for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits.

For the most part, shopping malls (like Stonebriar Centre in Frisco) are fairly safe places.  As long as the property owners perform their due diligence and make the safety of the customers one of their primary concerns, you should be fine. However, accidents do happen — and quite frequently within shopping malls.  If you or someone you know has been hurt in a slip and fall accident at the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco TX, please contact the attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm.

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