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What is the responsibility of property owners regarding uneven floors?

When you walk into the home of another person or into a business, you are more than likely a social guest and should be able to enjoy your time whether socializing or shopping without becoming a victim of dangerous conditions such as uneven floors. Property owners owe a duty of care to both social guests in a home as well as custome

rs in a public place, and those who enter the premises anticipate this level of care on the part of the property owner.

Falling on an uneven floor can lead to very severe injuries. It is quite easy to slip, fall, trip, stumble, or suffer another type of harm on an uneven surface. Quite frequently no one is able to see the difference in elevation of a floor surface except the owner of the property. Customers and other visitors to stores and business establishments seldom know the condition of an uneven surface that causes their injuries.

Anyone who has been injured on an uneven surface whether in a private home or public place has a legal right to recover compensation for those injuries. This type of injury falls under the Premises Liability Law. Having an Slip and Fall Lawyer who is experienced in premises liability is the best way to ensure resolution of the issue.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents on Uneven Floors

Property owners have a duty to make sure they make necessary repairs on a property. Part of this responsibility includes making regular inspections in order to determine whether there are any conditions that require repairs. The property owner may still be liable for any damages even if the property owner was unaware of the uneven surface that caused the injuries. This is because in some states the Premises Liability Law requires property owners to repair conditions they should have known would present a danger to visitors or customers.

In many cases a judge or jury hears cases of uneven floor accidents. It will be necessary for the judge or jury to review the facts of the case in order to determine whether the owner or manager of the property should have known a dangerous condition existed. The fact finding phase must also assess whether the property owner actually presented himself as a “reasonable prudent person” under similar circumstances. For instance, if the property owner had made previous repairs to a wooden floor that tended to become uneven, this should show the owner it is necessary to constantly maintain repairs on the surface. If a later visitor was injured on the surface, it is quite possible the property owner would be held liable for any injuries the visitor suffered.

Some of the more common causes of uneven floor accidents include the following:

  • Failure to maintain floors properly
  • Ignoring conditions that are in obvious need of repair
  • Tree roots that grow under sidewalks and other areas where people walk
  • Sidewalks, driveways, and other surfaces that are cracked
  • Property that is poorly constructed
  • Negligence of the owner for failing to warn visitors of an uneven surface

Possible Damages in Uneven Floor Accident Cases

Falling on an uneven surface can result in a number of severe injuries that include the following:

Injuries following an uneven floor accident can be expensive. Sometimes victims are unable to avoid an uneven surface; property owners are in the best position to assess the condition of their properties. Our firm has the experience necessary to assist an injured party in obtaining damages for a fall accident the resulted from an uneven floor or other surface.


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