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Almost two years after the accident, an 80-year-old Texas City resident has filed a Texas personal injury lawsuit against a driver that she says caused a two-vehicle collision. The car accident lawsuit was filed in Galveston County, and the trial will be presided over by Judge Wayne Mallia.
According to the Southeast Texas Record, senior Girlie Greer was a passenger in a car driven by Barbara Benigar on June 28, 2010. The two women were driving southbound on Highway 3 in Texas City and approaching the intersection of Memorial Drive when Greer claims that Shane Cams, also of Texas City, pulled out from Memorial Drive directly into the path of their vehicle.
The accident involved the two cars mentioned plus at least one other vehicle Greer states in the lawsuit that she suffered severe injuries in the collision. It is unclear if the other drivers in the crash also suffered injuries.
Because there is a stop sign on Memorial Drive but not on Highway 3, Greer believes that they had the right of way and that Cams is responsible for the accident and her injuries. Her injury claim states that Cams failed to yield, failed to stop, failed to control his speed, failed to apply his brakes, failed to obey a traffic sign, failed to maintain a proper lookout, and failed to obey the speed limit. In addition, the lawsuit states that he was not paying attention while driving.
Greer is asking for unspecified damages.

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