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After a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) bus slammed into two cars stopped at a toll on the Dallas North Tollway, one of the people injured in the accident has filed a Texas personal injury lawsuit against both the driver of the bus and the contractor that was working with DART at the time.
The Dallas bus accident took place on the afternoon of June 29, when DART bus driver Willie Grant failed to slow for traffic near the Oak Lawn exit lane. The bus slammed into one car which then stuck another, seriously injuring two people. A camera operated by the North Texas Tollway Authority showed that the bus driver was not asleep or distracted and a DART camera of the driver also shows that simple inattention may have been the cause of the accident.
One of the injury victims, 28-year-old Jose Seulveda was seriously injured in the crash, suffering from a broken hip, a broken leg, and eleven broken ribs. He said that he went in and out of consciousness as emergency responders were rescuing him from the crash and that the experiences was painful and frightening. He said that though he remains in a wheelchair he is happy to be home with his wife and family.
Seulveda’s TX personal injury attorney stated that although DART is protected from lawsuits because it is a government agency, the lawsuit would be filed against Veolia Transportation, the contractor who hired the driver, as well as the driver himself. DART’s contract with Veolia expires in January. Grant was placed on administrative leave during the bus accident investigation and later fired for the accident. He was not cited by police at the time of the accident.

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