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We’ve covered the topic of overmedicated nursing home residents and the topic of nursing homes using medical restraints to keep seniors from being mobile. However, we haven’t discussed the serious issue of under-medication and untreated pain in Texas nursing home residents.

Untreated pain in America

According to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine conducted by Dr. Philip Pizzo and Noreen Clark found that over 100 million Americans suffer from some type of chronic pain and that millions of these sufferers don’t receive the proper treatment that they need.
Why does so much pain go untreated? Research shows that although pain is a leading reason that people visit doctors and hospitals, physicians do not get as much guidance in medical school as you might think when it comes to treating and managing patient pain. In fact, one survey found that less than half of doctors feel that they were properly prepared to deal with patient pain.

Pain and medication in Texas nursing homes 

Senior citizens and those suffering from mental health issues are especially at risk for untreated pain, unmanaged pain, and under-medication. Why? In some cases, nursing home residents have difficulty communicating how they feel, are embarrassed of how they feel, or don’t realize that there are treatments for their pain. In other cases, nursing homes may simply ignore complaints of pain.

Dallas nursing home neglect lawyers

Has your elder loved one suffered in pain in a nursing home – despite the nursing home staff knowing his or her condition? You may have good reason to speak to a Texas nursing home neglect attorney. Call the Rasansky Law Firm today.

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